Build Process

We understand that the building process can be daunting and overwhelming. Peter Brown Custom Homes provides flexibility and clear communication with our clients every step of the way so that you can enjoy the build process as much as we do. 

Trust us to build your vision!

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    Let’s meet and explore the possibilities

    Peter will meet with you at a time and place convenient to you, where he takes the time to listen to what you imagine your new home or extension to be and discuss your unique style and concepts.

    By getting to know you and how your family lives, Peter can provide expert advice and feedback accumulated over years of building custom designed homes and extensions including the best way to construct your home or what solutions would best meet your needs in a home. He will also take into account your building site and the opportunities available to you including the solar aspect of the block, the best orientation for your home and any building restrictions that may impact the design of your home.

    If you have plans already drawn up for your new home, Peter will go through them with you or if your plans are not yet on paper, he can help you navigate the design process and work with you to create the best design and layout for your home or extension.

    To get an idea of our work, you can view some of our projects here.


    The all-important budget will also be discussed during your initial meeting where Peter will discuss your budget expectations.


    During our initial meeting, we encourage you to ask us lots of questions and raise any concerns you have about the building process.


    This is the first step in getting to know each other and we look forward to learning about your ideas and how we can best serve you to make your dream home a reality.



    All great things start with a well thought out plan well before the shovel hits the ground! So when the final design is settled on you enter the drafting and approvals stage.

    This is when we arrange for your plans to be assessed by engineers, building surveyors and we can help you obtain all necessary reports including BAL rating and energy rating reports to proceed with your project, this stage can involve some waiting. While we wait for the additional information to be gathered we begin the drafting of working drawings for your home. Working drawings consist of the necessary details and information required to construct your new home and include the floor plan, electrical plan, site plan and elevations.

    We are now also working on determining the costs for any earthworks and site works that may be required in response to information gathered from the site survey and engineer’s site report.

    After gathering all the required documentation we are able to complete our final costings, discuss any changes and are able to provide you with a fixed price for your new home before gaining your approval to proceed to the next stage.


    Signing a building contract

    So, you have your plans and you’ve received the quote, the next step is to sign the contract and arrange any finance. The contract is the official document that needs to be signed by you and the builder, simply agreeing to the terms and conditions for both parties to abide by throughout the building process and contains things such as construction time frames, the fixed price and any other particulars of the build.

    Once we have confirmed all the specifics of your build you will be sent a draft copy of the contract to review before we proceed with finalizing and signing the contract.

    We understand that sometimes what you see in front of you may not be what you imagined it to be, or now that you’re seeing your home come to life you may want to make some tweaks and changes to the layout, design or materials. This is no problem at all. We offer complete flexibility and are more than happy to accommodate any alterations to the build whenever we can. These variations can be made to the contract by signing a variation notice which details any changes made to the original contract.


    Construction Phase

    Now we get to build! Once council approval, insurances and reports necessary to commence your project are received construction will begin on an agreed date with you. Peter will be on site overseeing all processes he will liaise with all trades to ensure we give you the highest quality product. We take you for onsite walkthroughs so that you are always confident and comfortable with the progress being made and the product being delivered.

    During the construction phase your new home build will be broken down into the following stages:

    • Base
    • Frame
    • Lockup
    • Fixing
    • Completion

    As you see your home being constructed from the ground up we maintain open communication with you to ensure that what you see being constructed is meeting your expectations.


    Handing over the keys

    Now you get to take possession of your new custom build. After construction is complete and all the final fittings and finishing touches have been applied, Peter will meet you on site to walk you through your beautiful new home and officially hand the keys over to you and will ensure that you are completely delighted with every aspect of your new home.



    During handover, we will also talk through with you any insurance information and warranties on your fixtures, fitting and appliances along with our construction guarantee that ensures your home gives you pleasure for many years to come.

    We provide you with a three month maintenance program after the completion of your build to attend to any issues you may have encountered.